Accessory Buildings, Coach Houses and Laneway Dwellings

As a company rooted in panel manufacturing for large home builders, framing,  foundations and home building, Blue Valley Building is focused on quality of construction on every level of the job. From our grassroots in manufacturing, framing & building assembly contractors, our team has identified areas for improvement for construction as a whole. Now specializing in accessory buildings, coach houses, student rentals and lane way homes, we’re building with our innovative proven products that facilitate rapid building in the toughest of yards, lane ways or code restrictive zoning by-laws.

Why Choose Build Valley Building

Its as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1.) Understanding your site plan and local zoning by-laws, we offer a service if assistance is required to complete this on your behalf.

2.) Understanding & submitting the permit for a seamless  and simple building process, we offer permit services to make this even easier for you.

3.) General contracting and building made so simple, use our recommended General Contractors or your own.

Understanding the power of innovation, our team is focused on providing our clients with the best possible building process. That means more effective on-site communication, less deficiencies, timely turnaround, and providing the best concept to completion experience.

We are conscious of where our waste is going and ensure that we utilize proper disposal methods on each site that we operate on.

Our long-term initiatives is to design, engineer and operate with lean manufacturing practices and reduce our waste to a minimal amount.