Changing the Landscape of Residential Construction

As a company rooted in framing and foundation, Blue Valley Building is focused on quality of construction on every level of the job. From our grassroots as an independent framing contractor, our team has identified areas for improvement for construction as a whole. Now building custom homes, and focusing on subdivision design, we’re ready to showcase our innovative strategies in residential construction on a large scale.

Why Choose Build Valley Building

Understanding the power of innovation, our team is focused on providing our clients with the best possible building process. That means more effective on-site communication, less deficiencies, timely turnaround times, and providing the best concept to completion experience.

Guelph is our home. As a city whose culture is so focused on sustainability and community, including those two key strategies into our day-to-day practices was an obvious decision for our team. Our cutting-edge techniques aim to reduce the amount of waste found on jobsites. We also want to be conscious of where our waste is going and ensure that we utilize proper disposal methods on each site that we operate on.

As a new company we do what we can today, but also ensure to still set our sights for higher for the future. One of our long-term initiatives is to operate with lean manufacturing practices and reduce our waste to a minimal amount.

Construction Safety Standards

Job sites operated by Blue Valley Building are tightly monitored to avoid any on-site accidents. We take injuries very seriously and take all necessary precautions to prevent them. All of our employees undergo safety training before setting foot on-site. We also regularly maintain and audit our own internal processes to ensure we’re up to date on all safety aspects related to construction.

Blue Valley Building understands the importance of providing you with the best home builder’s experience. Our team also understands that cutting corners isn’t the proper path to completion. It’s our goal to not only deliver your finished product on time, but correct, and with zero safety issues to our team.