Blue Valley Building has been working on custom homes for over 10 years. Starting out primarily as a framing company, our team has grown to encompass so much more. We now fully develop single family and town homes. With exceptional attention to detail, our team provides our buyers with a home they feel proud to own.

Our Management Team

Jim Marshall

An innovative leader with over 25 years of management experience, Jim Marshall has an eye for efficiency. After improving processes for international syndicates, Jim turned his ambitions towards opportunities right here in the construction industry.

Jim has been with Blue Valley Building since its inception and is a key player in streamlining our on-site processes.


Mat Osinkowski

A talented carpenter with over 10 years of construction experience, Mat Osinkowski is known for his framing of custom homes.  Mat has built everything from large residential towns, commercial complexes to high end executive homes.  Mat prides himself through his work, his relationships with on-site trades and builders.

Mat started his 1st framing business as MO Construction in 2010.


Mat and Jim met on a job site in Rockwood while building a custom home, where they work to streamline processes on-site. They’ve now partnered to incorporate Blue Valley Building Corporation.



A talented leader

Site management & construction experience


Lean Expert