Lean Construction

Blue Valley Building Corporation (BVB) panel sytems are designed and engineered to provide healthier living environments and superior comfort, quality and energy efficiency — at an attainable price. BVB is developing sustainable building products and processes that improve overall performance and profitability for builders while dramatically reducing waste, costs, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Blue Valley Production System for foundations, walls and floors adds value to conventional modular building by applying Lean/World Class manufacturing principles that reflect the company founders’ decades of experience in the automotive industry. Using carefully selected materials and processes, the BVB system is faster, simpler, safer, greener, healthier and more cost-effective than standard industry methods.

We aim to make building better — for developers, builders, tradespeople and homebuyers.

BVB’s lean fabrication and workflow processes add value and amplify the benefits of modular and panelized building by

  • Protecting materials and workers by building in a controlled environment
  • Developing efficient, repeatable processes to ensure consistent premium quality
  • Generating far less waste in the factory and on the job site
  • Enabling fast, simple assembly with fewer sub-trades required
  • Guaranteeing reliable schedules and minimal weather delays
  • Minimizing site impacts due to heavy truck traffic and material/ equipment storage with just-in-time manufacturing and delivery of building components